Professional 20 litre Starter Kegs

Move up from Cornelius Kegs or go pro.

These kegs are a new innovation from top keg producer Thielmann. They have the same premium construction as commercial kegs such as delivered by the top breweries to every pub but with a 20 litre capacity. this makes them ideal for small breweries just starting out or just starting to keg their beer. But they are also ideal for advanced home brewers moving up from Cornelius style kegs or even moving towards starting a microbrewery.

The Starter Keg removes the need to invest in expensive cleaning and filling equipment because its clever hand hole cover allows for safe and easy manual cleaning whilst its Sankey type spear gives you the flexibility to fit the keg to any conventional beer dispensing equipment. Available in a 20-liter capacity.

Starter kegs have easy clean openings and connect to Sankey S-type couplers as used in most bars and pubs

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