Brewing sugar and malt extract

If you are making beer please remember that at least 3/4 of the ingredients should be malt based rather than dexrose and avoid sucrose if at all possible.

Brewing sugar

Brewing sugar 1 Kg
Also known as glucose or dextrose monohydrate. For use when wine or cider making or preparing a wash for distilling. Not recommended for use with beer kits.

Brewing sugar 25 Kg sack
Available to order at least 2 weeks in advance.

Brewing sugar 5 Kg
Also known as glucose or dextrose monohydrate. For preparing a wash.

Beer Enhancer 1 Kg
Recommended for beer kits that require extra fermentables. Gives a better flavour than using dextrose alone and helps prevent stuck fermentations caused by excess sugar. £4.49

Malt extract

Spraymalt Light (Dried Malt Extract) 500g
Malt extract may be used as an addition to a kit or to produce a beer without a kit but then you will need hops and yeast separately. Ask Brewmonkey if you need advice about quantities.

Spraymalt Dark (Dried Malt Extract) 500g
As before but used to produce darker beers.

Spraymalt Light (Dried Malt Extract) 1 Kg
For when larger quantities are required.

Manrove Jack’s Pure Light Liquid Malt Extract 1.5 Kg
Use as a base for your own recipes or as a brew enhancer with a kit. Produces an ABV increase of 1.8 – 2% in a 23 litre brew.

Or do it yourself using the All Grain Method.
You can produce the same thing by using crushed malted barley and extracting the fermentable maltose by a process called ‘mashing’. This is how professional breweries make their beer.
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