Bottling your Beer or Wine

We have everything you need to bottle the beers or wines you produce.

Beer Bottles

Glass Beer Bottles – 500 ml Amber pack of 15
Homebrew bottles are thicker and able to stand higher internal pressures than commercial beer bottles you may reuse.

Coopers PET Beer/Cider Bottles 500 ml – Amber pack of 24
With oxybar coating to reduce oxidation. Screw caps included


Swingtop bottles – 500 ml – Amber Sold individually
Homebrew strength bottles with ceramic caps (Avoid cheaper plastic caps).

Replacement caps for Coopers PET bottles. Pack of 25
Caps are reusable but it’s useful to have spares in case you lose any.


Crown Caps for glass beer bottles. Pack of 40
Available in gold, blue, red or yellow. Capper needed.

Crown Capping tool
Easy to use tool to seal crown caps onto your bottles. Twin lever action. No hammering needed!

Wine bottles

Glass Wine Bottles – 750 ml – pack of 15
Available in green for red wines and clear for white or rose wines. Require corks.

Quality corks for wine bottles pack of 30
Top quality, double chamfered corks with silicone coating. No soak. Makes a long lasting seal.

Twin Lever Wine Corker
A substantial steel corker for inserting corks into wine bottles.

Plastic top flanged corks – Red – Pack of 30
Corks with a knurled plastic top that can be inserted or removed by hand. No corker needed. For temporary short term corking.

Shrink Caps – pack of 30
Decorative plastic seals that fit over the top of the bottle and shrink to make a tight fit when heated. Makes your bottled wine look professional. Various colours available.

Useful bottling equipment

Bottling Bucket
A 32 litre vented bucket with volume graduations fitted including tap with sediment trap and a self actuating bottling stick for easy bottling of your beverage.

Little Bottler
Tap with sediment trap and a self actuating bottling stick for fitting o your own container.

Auto Syphon – 4.5 litre
Self priming syphon for use with demijohns.

Autosyphon – 23 litres
Self priming syphon with greater flow rate than the gallon version. Long enough to reach to the bottom of most 5 gallon vessels.


Super Syphon
An upgrade to our previous syphon. Features a 1.5 metre wider bore tube and a rigid probe with a sediment trap and bucket clip. Flow can be controlled by the heavy duty tap

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